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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Twins Rubin & Reval By Rick Day!

Twins Rubin & Reval photographed by Rick Day for Dorian magazine! (Source:Rufskin)

Greg Remmey In Dorian Magazine!

Greg Remmey wearing Dirk Bikkemberg and Rufskin in Dorian magazine! (Source:Rufskin)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Marlon Teixeira For Forget Them Magazine!

Marlon Teixeira in a video for Forget Them magazine! (Source:Made In Brazil)

Clue Lagoon!

In Superboy #10 writer Scott Lobdell and guest artist Sebastian Fiumara strand Superboy and Wonder Girl on an island shaped thus:
 Yup, it's a giant question mark! Probably NOT a natural formation. What occurs during the issue is pretty much expected as enemies with an attraction play out the usual scenario:
Strangely, comics characters can travel multiple universes and dimensions without needing to bathe (on page), but a deserted island (except for a lone T Rex) requires an immediate immersion in water!
In a twist on the usual theme, the female provides food:
and Cassie (Wonder Girl) Sandsmark teaches Kon-El (Supoerboy) how to eat, because Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. neglected that little item (even though we saw a simulated life for Kon in the first couple of issues where he was doing everyday things):
Thankfully, Lobdell spares us the part where she teaches him about what happens after digestion. Instead we get this:
which doesn't end the way one would expect. Soon, we get the not-quite-a-couple alerted to the missing T-Rex:
followed by a bridge page to the next installment, which will occur in Teen Titans:
Since Lobdell's writing both books, he's doing a decent job of keeping them synced up, but intervening issues such as this FEEL like filler, even if there is an exploration of two underdeveloped characters. For those of us who enjoyed the Kon/Cassie romance pre-Flashpoint, the fact that the New DCU is attempting that same dynamic is welcome, but a little bittersweet, as these are not the same two characters we knew. Nice art, though.

Domenique Melchior For SEBAGO!

Wiener model Domenique Melchior for SEBAGO SS12 "Docksides" by Philip North-Coombes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Devon Spence For Undergear!

I'm usually pretty good (not always!) at identifying models, but this Undergear guy has me stumped! Anyone know who he is? He's kinda cute. Thanks to reader Christian it turns out his name is Devon Spence, and he's not only cute but talented as well! Will be posting more of him!

Chad White By Rodolfo Martinez!

Soul Artist Management model Chad White photographed by Rodolfo Martinez!

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