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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Twins Rubin & Reval By Thomas Synnamon!

Silver model twins Rubin & Reval are photographed by Thomas Synnamon!

Ryan & Ram Get Wet!

Ryan Bertroche & Ram Boneh by Samuel Zakuto!

Joe Locicero For N2N!

Joe Locicero models N2N for a fashion show last week!

The Phantom Stranger Zero Issue Cover!

The Phantom Stranger receives a solo title in September, debuting with a zero issue, written by Dan Didio with art by Brent Anderson! Like fellow DC mystery character Madame Xanadu, the Stranger was published for years without a definitive origin. Xanadu was revealed to be Nimue of the Arthurian legends in her Vertigo series, but the character did not suffer for losing the air of mystery. The Stranger, seemingly revealed to have been Judas Iscariot (though Didio would neither confirm nor deny that), hopefully will not diminish as a character either.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Ryan Bertroche For AmfAR Gala 2012!

Ryan Bertroche walking the runway for AmfAR Gala 2012!

Aaron O'Connell By Daniel Jaems!

Aaron O'Connell photographed by Daniel Jaems for DHEDRAL underwear!

DC Comics Zero Issues!

In September DC Comics will publish '0' issues of each of their titles, reportedly to fill in the backstory of the characters in the current DCU. There are four new titles being added (and presumably four being dropped), one of which (above) will be Talon, spinning off of the successful 'Night Of The Owls' event in the Bat Titles. According to USA Today: "Co-written by Snyder and James Tynion IV with art by Guillem March, Talon debuts in September with a special zero issue introducing Calvin Rose, a man trained to be a Talon who has liberated himself from the malevolent secret organization of the Owls but fights to remain free from their evil clutches." Also debuting will be a 'Sword & Sorcery' anthology book, which will bring back a previously popular concept and character, Amethyst:
 And, of course, returning titles receive a Zero look:

Tomas Skoloudik By Edu Garcia!

Tomas Skoloudik photographed by Edu Garcia! (Sources: Live Flesh & Bellazon)

Alexander Skarsgård For Calvin Klein Encounter!

Alexander Skarsgård for ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein. The True Blood actor will star alongside Lara Stone in an intriguing and seductive campaign for this new men's fragrance launching in September 2012.

Miguel Iglesias & Chad White At AmFAR!

Miguel Iglesias and Chad White walk the runway for AmFAR Inspiration Gala Thursday night, June 7! (Source: Examiner)

Mario Loncarski For Plaza Magazine!

Wiener model Mario Loncarski photographed by Jesper Brandt for Plaza Magazine!

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