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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rob Wilson For Mens Underwear Store!

Rob Wilson plays ball behind the scenes for Mens Underwear Store!

Alex Loomans By Mckenzie James!

Alex Loomans and friend photographed by Mckenzie James! (Source:Morphosis)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Andre Ziehe For AllenCox swimwear!

Andre Ziehe for AllenCox Swimwear! (Source: NY Fashion)

Mario Loncarski Snapshots!

Snapshots of Wiener model Mario Loncarski!

Adam Senn For Express!

Adam Senn for Express Summer 2012! (Source: NY Fashion)

Matthew Terry At Ford!

Matthew Terry from his Ford portfolio! (Source:The Fashion Spot)

The Scoop On Miguel Iglesias!

From Miguel Iglesias's portfolio at Scoop Models come these terrific pics!

Kaylan Morgan By John Tan!

Red model Kaylan Morgan photographed by John Tan!

Dorian Reeves By John Tan!

Soul Artist Management model Dorian Reeves photographed by John Tan!

Matthew Terry Is Hot!

Matthew Terry is on Out Magazine's 2012 Hot List! (

Mikkel Gregers Jensen At Scoop!

Mikkel Gregers Jensen at Scoop Models is's Model Of The Week!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diego Miguel & Marlon Teixeira Behind The Scenes For Dudalina!

Marlon Teixeira and Diego Miguel behind the scenes for Dudalina. (Source: The Fashion Spot)

Astonishing X-Men #51 Alternative Cover!

Marvel Comics attempts to draw interest to Astonishing X-Men by promoting an alternative cover to their 51st issue that centers upon the gwedding of Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle. It's a pretty cool cover in that it depicts both guys rather well, and one of the complaints that Alpha Flight fans constantly make is that the twins' ears are not depicted as pointedly as some would prefer, which is not the case here. Much as I'd like to have seen Northstar date before becoming monogamous, 'gay marriage' being a 'hot button' issue means that it's straight (pun intended) to the altar for gay guys as soon as possible until gender is removed from the definition. Then we can focus on why the number of participants matter, as Archie Comics is already testing.

The Zataras And The New 52!

In the Golden Age of comics, Zatara the Magician appeared in Action Comics at around the same time that Superman was created. When the Silver Age began in the 1960s his daughter Zatanna was introduced as a young magician wearing her classic costume and seeking the aid of new DC heroes in locating her missing father, which finally happened in Justice League #51, after which Zatanna was a semi-regular DC heroine with a recurring Justice League membership. Her father died in an issue of Swamp Thing, and she carried on the family tradition of both stage illusion and real magic, battling evil forces which threatened the Earth. Eventually Zatanna acquired her own title, and her younger cousin Zach began using the Zatara name as well.
Then Flashpoint happened, and the New 52 Universe launched, where we've seen Zatanna as a member of the loosely aligned Justice League Dark. She has been shown to have a familiarity with Batman and the members of the JLD, as well as a history with John Constantine, but her attire is not the classic costume she once wore, nor do we know much about her history. Until now. In Justice League Dark #9 new writer Jeff Lemire addresses her father:
 We also see, as Constantine and Zatanna continue their dialogue, that Zee performs a stage act:
Her father's missing possessions might explain why, in this universe, she doesn't replicate his look.
We also don't know the circumstances surrounding her father's death, nor much of anything about this Zatanna. It looks as if Lemire might be the writer to delve into all that, and I'm looking forward to it. (art by Mikel Janin on JLD, as well as Adam Hughes and Darwyn Cooke on early Zee)

Dorian Reeves By Jason Mickle!

Soul Artist Management model Dorian Reeves photographed by Jason Mickle!

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