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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Steve Boyd Models Romeo Gigli!

Steve Boyd models Romeo Gigli for My Habit!

Boy Meets Girl!

Superboy #6 begins with a brooding Superboy reflecting on the damage he caused in the last issue of Teen Titans , and the writer catches the reader up on the events just in case the customer is not also picking up that title. In this case regular writer Scott Lobdell is credited with plot, while Tom DeFalco is credited with scripting. A permanent change, or just to lighten Lobdell's load? He IS writing about ten series for DC at the moment, give or take. The artist is R.B.Silva, as usual, and there's a guest star, as Superboy's musings are interrupted by the arrival of Supergirl!
 Things seem congenial, despite the fact that Kara doesn't speak any Earth languages, nor does Superboy speak Kryptonian. Inadvertantly,though, Kara initiates a mental link:

So, Superboy gets his first look at Krypton. On the plus side, he picks up Kryptonian, and, as is often the case with new languages, says the wrong thing:
Seems that clones aren't cottoned to by the Kryptonians:
And the new Superboy gets the name 'Kon-El', just as the previous Superboy did, though this time around from Kara rather than Kal, and it seems less of an honor. He gets a couple of TK shots in, and:
Kara prattles on about evil clones, and then the two have to team against some Earth military force, before splitting up.
And Superboy continues on his mission to get the truth out of Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E., which is where we left him at the end of the Titans' previous issue. Whereas this issue could be seen as filler, some significant things did happen. Superboy hasn't met Superman, the guy he's supposedly cloned from, as of yet, so this is his first meeting with any of the Supers, his first exposure to Krypton, its language, and the whole anti-clone sentiment. Plus, it's the first use, post-Flashpoint, of Kon-El, which means we might not have to refer to him as just 'Superboy' any longer. I wonder if they'll work out a way to call him Conner as well?

Renato Ferreira By Rick Day!

Yet another shot of Renato Ferreira photographed by Rick Day for M Mensuel magazine!

More Nate Nesbitt By Joe Lally!

More of Soul Artist Maagement model Nate Nesbitt photographed by Joe Lally for Coitus.

Diego Miguel For Pedro Shoes!

Diego Miguel in the Pedro Shoes 2012 campaign. (Source: Brazil Male Models)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Caspar Oechsler!

Model Of The Week at is Caspar Oechsler, of Frankfurt, Germany!

Earth 2!

DC Comics unveiled a variant cover to Earth 2 #1 by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado (above)! The ongoing series is to be handled initially by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, and will take place, as the name implies, on the Earth 2 of the post-Flashpoint DC Universe. Back in what is known as the Silver Age of comics, DC created Earth 2 as a home for its Golden Age characters, many of whom had been revamped with a more science fictiony feel. The parallel Earth existed in a separate dimension than Earth 1, vibrating at a different speed, and was accidentally discovered by the Barry Allen Flash, who ran into his Golden Age, Earth 2 counterpart, the Jay Garrick Flash. Turned out that once a year the two Earths were close enough vibrationally that, with some aid, a crossing between them could be made, and thus were the annual Justice League/Justice Society team-ups born! Over time Earth 2 became popular, not only for the unique characters, but for the opportunity to take familiar characters and do things with them that would not be permitted on Earth 1. Superman married Lois Lane, quit superheroing and left the gig to his younger female cousin. Batman married Catwoman, and he eventually was replaced by an adult Robin. Various other characters had children who replaced them. Soem died...and did not return to life a few issues later. Unfortunately, DC decided that simultaneously publishing adventures taking place on two different worlds was too confusing for readers. True or not, they decided to publish Crisis On Infinite Earths, which would clean up the mess, incorporating all Earths into one. Thus, the Justice Society was now just an earlier version of the Justice League, Batman and Catwoman never had a child, Superman never married Lois, etc. Now, it seems, they're attemnpting an Earth 2 again, and, where it seemed an opportunity to revive the JSA, clearly the new Earth will involve the 'Big 3', Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, of Earth 2. Many are speculating that Batman is the Earth 2 Dick Grayson. Maybe the Superman is Conner Kent? Meanwhile, the book announced at the same time as Earth 2, World's Finest, gets a fisrt cover by George Perez:
WF features Power Girl and The Huntress, both from Earth 2, and trapped on Earth 1. Pre-Crisis, Power Girl was the Supergirl of Earth 2, Superman's female cousin from Krypton, who replaced him when he retired. Pre-Crisis Huntress was Helena Wayne, daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Both were kept around on the new Post-Crisis combined Earth, but their origins had to be reworked. Now, it seems from the background image on the Perez cover that Power Girl was Supergirl on Earth 2, and may be taking the Power Girl identity because Earh 1 has a Supergirl, and that Helena may have been a Robin on her Earth, and likewise chose an identity because of the existing Boy Wonder.

Digital Domenique!

Domenique Melchior, at Soul Artist Management.

Kevin Keller Debuts

Kevin Keller's ongoing series issue #1 presents a quick introduction of Kevin, his family, and their move to Riverdale before presenting the issue's plot point: that Kevin's been asked out on a date. Writer/artist Dan Parent wisely populates this first issue with Riverdale regulars, rather than estabishing a seperate supporting cast, which seemed to be the prior mini-series' intent as Kevin receives advice from Betty:
and Archie:
Thankfully Kevin is skeptical of Archie's penchant for polygamy, but he receives a bit of a dressing down from Veronica, who abdicated four issues of her own title to accomodate his mini-series:
Like all Riverdaliens Veronica seems a tad TOO invested in Kevin's dating life. This is probably going overboard on Mr. Parent's part, in order to show that the community is not just accepting of Kevin's sexual orientation, but supportive as well. As a gay teen I porbably would have appreciated such a presentation. As an adult, it's a little creepy (but, then, I'm not the target audience).
  Saturday rolls around, and Kevin, who believes his date is happening Sunday (I mean, REALLY?) is assigned yard work by his father, and he figures it's a good way to keep his mind off the impending event, when this happens:
Personally, I'd prefer to pick up my dates while they're doing yard work, but that's just me. We actually hear nothing at all from Kevin about who the date is with, how they met, etc., so it's actually a surprise that Kevin just appears to have gotten the day wrong whne this Brian guy shows up. (You'd think from the rest of the issue that the newspaper would have fact-chacked the day with Kevin by now!)
Kevin does an Archie-like series of pratfalls getting cleaned up  as his family supports his efforts, and he embarks on the venture:
And...they're off! Hopefully we'll find out more about Brian next issue (not that it matters, as we already know who Kevin eventually marries).

Mario Loncarski by Saverio Cardia for Maxim Magazine!

Sight model Mario Loncarski photographed by Saverio Cardia for Maxim Magazine, February 2012!

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