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Saturday, October 03, 2009

First house in my neighborhood to decorate for Halloween! Having lived in Minnesota, where Fall was a blink-and-you-miss-it occurrence, and Florida, where Fall meant that it was easier to find parking at the beach, the longer season here in Atlanta is something I've begun to look forward to each year.
Ran across new (to me) ads for Idle faves Kerry Degman and Marlon Teixeira:

which would also continue the theme of celebrating Rio's winning the 2016 Olympic games hosting contest. See how it all ties together?

Friday, October 02, 2009

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The Audacity of Nope as the three-pronged assault on Copenhagen by President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the Leader of the Free World Oprah Winfrey failed to sell Chicago as a home for the 2016 O-lympics!

No longer saddled with John McCain (campaign slogan: McCain, Dammit!) as a running mate, Sarah Palin's new book will be out next month, and it's title reminded me of a fave comic book heroine, Rogue of the X-Men! Too bad that David Letterman was caught with his Worldwide Pants down before the book came out and he could distract folks with yet another Palin Top Ten List. Apparently, a CBS producer wanted to extort money from Mr. Letterman in order not to reveal how he sexually harassed his employees. Mr. Letterman admitted to the harassment on air instead, and I guess all is far. My question is how one can have so many affairs and still be so angry?

In any case, congratulations Rio!
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Thursday, October 01, 2009

O-ffensive! Oprah, Michelle Obama, and BlagO push for the O-lympics in Chicago in 2016! Rounding out the group will be the President, attempting to sell the location. Let's see if it goes over better than Obamacare. Remember, we can't force the Olympic Committee to do our bidding...yet.
SAKS Fifth Avenue catalog pics of Marlon Teixeira:
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From the magazine Citizen K by way of Morphosisand shot by Driu & Tiago, Marlon Teixeira once again:
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While going through Wednesday Comics withdrawal, I picked up DC's Justice League of America 80 page Giant, which features several pairings sent to historical periods in the DCU. The two fishnet-clad members of the JLA, Zatanna and Black Canary, team with the Crimson Avenger in the 1940s.Oddly enough, Black canary WAS created in the 40s, and, until the Crisis on Infinite Earths event combined DC's parallel Earths into one, the JLA Black Canary WAS the Golden Age Canary. This would be retconned so tghat the current Canary is the daughter of the original. Zatanna is the daughter of 1940s hero Zatara the Magician, and, prior to Black Canary's arrival on her Earth, was notable for carrying on her father's tradition of fighting evil using magic and for her fishnet-centric costume.
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It's actually 61 degrees in Atlanta this morning! Went running yesterday and was able to go almost twice the usual distance before being soaked with sweat! My 'official' meter to detect the arrival of Fall!
To follow up the opening pic of Kerry Degman from Armani Exchange, here's another:
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Followed by a couple of behind the scenes shots for Commonwealth Utilities (last seen on here from Charmants

(I don't know how models do that! I actually learned how to do my own eyes because having anyone get near my eyes with pointy objects freaked me out!)
Finally, to complete the theme, Yale Breslin at The Malcolm made this video of the Commonwealth Utilities Spring/Summer 2010 Men’s Fashion Presentation. It was shot during their presentation during NY Fashion Week on September 13th at Astor Place Hair in NYC.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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So, will the 2016 games be called the Obamalympics or just the O-lympics? The games were pretty good for my hometown of Atlanta (except for that Centennial Park bombing), and they ARE a source of pride for the country/city where they are held, but there's something about the ubiquitous Prez that is more fitting to Chavez or Castro-style dictatorships. It's not unlike the school kids seen here:

Hillary was right. It does take a village. A Village of the Damned.
Seen previously here on Idle, Chad White (this time shot by Daniel D'ottavio):
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(Images from VGL)
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