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Sunday, August 14, 2005

It's August, and 'global warming' is fully upon us here in Georgia! I have tried to organize my outdoor activities so that they occur when the sun is not at its hottest, preferrably in the evening (24-hour Kroger assists greatly in this!). Now there is legislation that will extend daylight-savings time, darn it! Makes life that much more difficult. Oh, well.
Though I have been convinced that 'staying the course' in Iraq is indeed the right thing to do, it's become less and less obvious what that actually means. The deaths continue, and apparently political wrangling over who should be in power takes place, and that's about it. We can't seem to decide whether to secure our own borders. Would an outside body look at the invasion of the U.S. by Mexico and wonder when we were going to become a sovereign nation?
On the other hand, I cannot watch any more coverage of Cindy Sheehan and the groups who support her as she kamps out in Texas and demands to 'see' the President one more time to ask him why we are in Iraq, and why her son was killed there. Apparently, since she still believes that the only reasons for going were wmds or oil, no amount of explanation would penetrate at this point either. (Speaking of oil, wouldn't gas prices be cheaper if we were in it for oil...just asking.) If she were to get another audience, even if it were satisfactory, wouldn't she spin it differently afterward, just as she has the first meeting with President Bush? She dishonors her son's choices by her actions, but I suspect that was true when he was alive as well.(I have to say, though, that 'vacationing' in Crawford was and is a poor choice for George Bush, so long as there are troops in Iraq. Skipping that particular pleasure would not be more of a sacrifice than he is asking of others.) Ms. Sheehan joins Natalee Holloway's mother as the summer's maternal symbols, and, while I suspect that Natalee has not been among the living since she went missing, the mother's tenacity is to be admired. What I don't get is that the usual media types get away with trashing the Aruban justice system over their handling of the case, when our own system not only does not always solve cases (Chondra Levy, for instance?), nor is it perfect. (VanDerSlut would have 'lawyered up' the first hour that he was arrested and never once been interrogated, had he been arrested here in the United States). In fact, it seems that the Aruban authorities have committed the ultimate 'sin' by not giving daily press briefings, which, of course, hasn't stopped the media from wall-to-wall coverage, with the occasional break-in for news from Iraq, the London bombings, or Cindy Sheehan.
Of course, there are always other choices on television, and I am currently hooked on 'Rescue Me', 'The 4400', 'The Closer', and 'RockStar:INXS'! "Rescue Me' has some incredibly complex (and highly unlikeable) characters, yet tells a compelling story each week. 'The 4400' is a great concept, done well. The main character on 'The Closer', Brenda Johnson, played by Kyra Sedgewick, is quirky to a degree which reminds me of Peter Falk's Columbo, and she can be irritating, but watching her nail a suspect is good TV. The contestants on 'RS:INXS' perform some great rock and roll (they'll never have a 'Barry Manilow' night, ala 'American Idol') as they strut their stuff in order to impress America, and the members of INXS in an effort to replace deceased lead singer Michael Hutchence. Though Jordis and others stand out, to me the choice would be the train wreck JD Fortune, who, besides the cool name, has just the right combination of talent and crazy that makes the best 'rock star'. We'll see.
Comics are fun this summer, at least at DC. They've brought back Supergirl, younger cousin of Superman, who was killed off many years ago, and it's interesting to see whether they'll make the concept work this time around (several replacement attempts over the years have ranged from awful to good, but never the same). A minor character known as Lilith, who was introduced in one of the first comics I ever purchased, who was killed off in a ridiculous manner a year or two back by 'Real World' alum J Winninck, is being returned to printed life as well, and I'm pretty stoked about that, though I'm reserving judgement, since the return is taking a form I wouldn't have recommended.
Marvel ruined one of its greatest heroines in order to run with this summer's 'event', 'The House of M', which gives them a chance to publish alternative versions of all of their regular books, because the current 'MAX', "Ultimate', and 'What If' lines don't afford their creative teams enough of an opportunity to do so, I guess. Yawn.
I'm actually looking forward to 'The Brothers Grimm', which should be out soon! Unfortunately, so far as I can tell, Matt Damon has dialogue. I hope it's minimal. I think 'Team America' had it about right.
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