affiliate marketing American Idle: Franco Noriega by Jeff Segenreich for Universo AA


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Franco Noriega by Jeff Segenreich for Universo AA

Franco noriega by Jeff segenreich for Universo AA!


Larry Craig (Not That One) said...

Hi, Kenn! These are great shots of a really sexy guy! But I really stopped by to ask if you could find some photos of Austin Sikora by JR West that you could post. Austin is a college track star who just started modeling and he is really handsome and he has a great ass! He did a really sexy shoot with JR West and Austin has posted a few of those photos on his Instagram but hopefully there are lots more. I'm sorry I don't know how to send you a PM on this website. I check out your site everyday... keep up the great work!

Kenn said...

Thanks Larry! I'll check on those. I posted some Austin for C-in2 recently and I follow JR West somewhere, so I should have run across them. Glad you like the Blog!

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