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Monday, July 04, 2016

Video: William Wirhed By Bell Soto!

Video: William Wirhed By Bell Soto! From Mr. Soto: "Here is a new film i shot with swedish model WILLIAM WIRHED from AIM model management.
With art direction by GLENN JOHNSON.
I always liked the romantic tale of Narcissus, as the boy who falls in love his image and drowns in a pool of water.
I remember I grew up with the concept that "vanity" is not an attractive quality in a person.
Ironically , in the last years .vanity has become not only part of our society but a virtue praised by numbers of likes on instagram and other apps. where the more self centered the person the more intrigued are ones who follow.
The selfish found a positive home in a "selfie".
When I met William, ( even though in person, he is such a  beautiful young man ), I was impressed by his personality, intelligence and lack of pretense. So I decided to do a new take on a Narcissus that does not die nor falls in love with himself.
Our Narcissus is searching for something besides his vain reflection. We do not know what he is looking for ...perhaps will find out in another short film when we meet again."

Narcissus / william wirhed from Bell Soto on Vimeo.

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