affiliate marketing American Idle: Chad White By Milan Vukmirovic For Fashion For Men!


Friday, May 27, 2016

Chad White By Milan Vukmirovic For Fashion For Men!

Chad White photographed by Milan Vukmirovic for Fashion For Men. (Source: The Fashionisto)


Karly Engracia said...

I was on Cloud 9 when I first saw this. It was always so disheartening seeing how few major projects were going Chad's way. Not to be overly dramatic, but this is like a port in the storm for fans like me. Hopefully bigger and brighter things will follow :)


Kenn said...

Makes sense to me! Since he's supposed to be the theme of the mag, I am assuming that these pics are just the first of many, and that there will eventually even be HQ scans!

Karly Engracia said...

Haha I'm sure there will be, his fan account will have it in no time :D Also, that photo of Chad and Milan together in Miami? Looks like the ultimate gay porn fantasy!


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