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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Kevin Keller Returns In June!

Archie Comics is planning to give Kevin Keller his second solo series in June, by Dan Parent, called "Life With Kevin". It will available first digitally, but, as with most digital-first titles, appear in comic book form sometime later. Kevin has been a minor character thus far in the Archie series relaunch (most everyone outside the core five are) but is still thankfully included. As well, he appears in the Afterlife With Archie series, and will be in the live-action "Riverdale" on the CW. "Life With Kevin" will focus on Kevin in New York, and while it should be a fun read, I think it was important to have a few gay characters in Riverdale itself, and taking him out of that setting takes away from what made his introduction important. (Source: The Advocate)

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