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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hitting the Beach With Dick Grayson!

Okay, this post is simply an excuse to show the talented Mikel Janin's pencils at work depicting Dick Grayson and Tiger on the beach in issue # 16 of DC's Grayson series. I have been following the book since its launch, and it's a good read, but recently Dick has been re-incorporated into the DC Universe and has guest-starred or headlined in dozens of series, and, frankly, I lost interest at that point. In THIS series he is interested in taking down the Spyral organization he had infiltrated at Batman's request, but I'll be darned if I remember why it is worse than any other similar DCU "spy" group. Maybe because it's run largely by women? Anyway, by the end of the issue, Spyral has enlisted a team of B-listers, and Dick has aligned himself with the occasionally evil Maxwell Lord. (Writers on the issue are Tom King and Tim Seeley.)

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