affiliate marketing American Idle: Chad White By Brent Chua For Bench Body!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Chad White By Brent Chua For Bench Body!

Chad White photographed by Brent Chua, with grooming by Mari Matsumoto, for Bench/Body December 2015!


Karly Engracia said...

I was hoping you'd post this :D Hopefully we'll get to see more soon!

Merry Chadmas!


Kenn Dunn said...

I knew you'd be dreaming of a White Christmas! (I thought he might have been included in their :star-studded" holiday video, but, alas, no.)

Karly Engracia said...

More fools they.

If you feel like posting Chad's Hugo Green lookbook from last season, let me know :) (in case you missed it)


Kenn Dunn said...

Sure! I probably did miss it if I didn't publish, or I had only tiny versions, which happens too often!

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