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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sneak Peek: Joey Kirchner By Joseph Lally For Yearbook Fanzine!

From the Lally Pop website: We’re excited to unveil a new collaborative art-project with ‪#‎YearbookFanzine‬, where we will be printing a series of 25x photo-essay’s, with each new release featuring just one model only. Thats about 60 pages dedicated to photographing just one model, the ins the outs, the good the bad, warts n all - fashion, portrait, documentary and body. The very first release of THE CHAMP will feature model Joey Kirchner at Soul Artist Mgmt shot entirely by Joseph Lally and styled by Matthew Ellenberger. Four of the series have already been shot and we are currently casting for the remaining 21 models, further details and release date issued soon."


Karly Engracia said...

Can you guess which model I want to see? :D


Kenn Dunn said...

LOL! I think I can!

Karly Engracia said...

It would do a lt to calm mr down after the warpath I went through when I found out that that horse faced twink beat out my man for both the Odda and the L'Officiel Hommes covers. I was spitting nails. I mean ODDA has six fucking covers and not one of them features my man. I'm disgusted.


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