affiliate marketing American Idle: Toby Sandeman by Rick Day!


Friday, July 10, 2015

Toby Sandeman by Rick Day!

Soul Artist Management model Toby Sandeman by Rick Day!


Karly Engracia said...

Toby will star with Chad in an upcoming MAC cosmetics camoaign :) I hope they make it as homoerotic as possible :D


Kenn Dunn said...

For MAC? They're not the targeted clientele, so they will probably be either accessories or prizes.

Karly Engracia said...

Maybe they're going for high fashion? I've seen two BTS pics so far; one of them has my man with colorful body paint all over him - - the other has him in a mesh top while Toby is wearing suspenders. Besides, Brian Atwood has a female base but his next campaign stars Chad and Aurelen :)


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