affiliate marketing American Idle: Video: Chad White for MACYS 1-Day Sale!


Friday, January 02, 2015

Video: Chad White for MACYS 1-Day Sale!

Video: Chad White in ad for MACYS one-day sale!


Anonymous said...

They must have paid my man well for this - - they've been milking his footage since like 2013 :D


Kenn Dunn said...

LOL! It looked "new" to me, but that's only because I "date" Chad stuff by the length of his hair! (I'm still annoyed that Degman shaved his head for his recent shoots, throwing off my system!)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Kerry looks a bit stockier now.

I kinda miss Kris Kranz, but we're so far opposite each other in the political sprectum that I feel guilty just looking at him.


Kenn Dunn said...

I never let someone's beliefs get in the way of my ogling them! (Dating is completely different, though there is something to be said for angry sex.)

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