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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kevin Keller #4 Solicit!

Archie comics unveiled the company's solicitations for July, and that month will bring Kevin Keller #4, the first issue with the 'Archie's Pal' tagline (not unlike the old Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen comics!), written and drawn by Dan Parent! The solicit gives the following description of the issue: "It's time for the 2012 London Olympics and Kevin and his family score tickets to the event. This is old stomping grounds for the Kellers, so they get to revisit old friends and family. Kevin is excited to see his old friend Brian, who's competing as a runner. Kevin also meets an old friend who he's not sure is interested in him, but there to confuse matters is none other than Veronica, who's tagged along to "help" Kevin out. And we all know what happens when Veronica interferes -- mayhem, of course, but the fun kind!" (Source:Comics Continuum) As usual, there's a variant cover, inspired by classic Archies over the decades:

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