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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mera Goes Shopping!

In Aquaman #6 by Geoff Johns and Joe Prado, Mera oes no town in search of food for the new dog aquired by she and her husband in issue #4. Mera's not nearly as diplomatic as her husband where surface dwellers are concerned, though, and things get out of hand:
 The local authorities mishandle things regarding the Sea Queen, but all that is interrupted by a hostage crisis:
Mera's getting used to the 'Aquawoman' name, it seems, as she focuses on the situation at hand:
which allows a nice demonstration of how Mera's powers differ from those of her husband:
and bring to an end the crisis, though not to her problems with the locals:
A woman Mera helped at the first store arrives with a supply of dog food and toys for the new pet, and shows that surface folk aren't all bad. It was a nice issue, though I missed the Ivan Reis artork.

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