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Monday, January 16, 2012

Superboy Meets Wonder Girl!

The storyline in Superboy comics, written by Scott Lobdell, in the new DCU, has been building up since the first issue to a showdown between the title character and the young superpowered types known in their own book as the Teen Titans, with Superboy working for a shady quasi-governmental group known as Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E., a name that should not inspire loyalty in any universe, but I guess the writer wanted no doubts as to their nefariousness. Pegged as the most powerful of the rogue youths by the Project (or possibly the one that would hold Superboy's interest), Cassie(Wonder Girl)Sandsmark is tracked down by the young clone on New Year's Eve.
 In the pre-Flashpoint universe, Superboy and Wonder Girl were a long-time couple, so their first meeting is the new U is meant to set an entirely different tone, but still infer to the reader that it's an important pairing.
  Meanwhile the other targeted teens are getting a chance to bond, beginning with Kiran and Miguel:
and Tim(Red Robin) Drake and Bart(Kid Flash)Allen:
The group is joined by Celine, AKA Skitter, in being interrupted by news of the Superboy/Wonder Girl clash:
which galvanizes them to act, just in time:

Conveniently enough, the battle will take place in the also-Lobdell-written Superboy, which is annoying if the reader isn't purchasing that book as well, but that's the comics business! More next month!(Art by Brett Booth)

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