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Friday, October 21, 2011

Diego Miguel By Marcellus Kimontait!

Diego Miguel, Angelica Erthal and Jaqueline Medeiros by Marcellus Kimontait For DF Models!

Landon Falgoust Update!

City Models provides us with an update on Landon Falgoust!

Nate Nesbitt By Jeffrey Cohen!

Nate Nesbitt photographed by Jeffrey Cohen for Men's Week! (Source: Simply Male Models)

Daniel Hamaj By Jork Weismann!

Wiener model Daniel Hamaj photographed by Jork Weismann for Flux!

Benedict Angerer By Kosmas Pavlos!

Wiener model Benedict Angerer photographed by Kosmas Pavlos!

Jacob Sones By Greg Vaughan!

Nous model Jacob Sones photographed by Greg Vaughan!

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