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Saturday, June 25, 2011

William Albuquerque By Luis Vilela!

William Albuquerque photographed by Luis Vilela! (Source:Brazil Male Models)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Marlon Teixeira For Galliano!

Marlon Teixeira walks the runway for John Galliano 2012 in Paris! (Source:Simply Male Models)

Paolo Roldan & Mike Spadino For Givenchy 2012!

Paolo Roldan (above) and Mike Spadino (below) stand out walking for Givenchy 2012! (Source:Simply Male Models)

Gory & Gothic True Blood Covers For EW!

Ana Paquin's Sookie appears in three alternative covers for Entertainment Weekly paired with a different leading man from her HBO series True Blood in a parody of the classic American Gothic by Grant Wood. Above the leading man is Joe Manganiello (my first choice!), and below Ana's real life husband Steve Moyers and Alexander Skarsgard!(Source:Just Jared)

Rob Evans For Jean Paul Gaultier!

Major model Rob Evans walks for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris for the Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week! (Source:Simply Male Models)

Michael Trevino By Tyler Shields!

Photographer and filmmaker Tyler Shields captures Vampire Diaries' star Michael Trevino!(Source:Just Jared)

Taylor By Jeff Slater!

Taylor at Soul Artist Management is photographed by Jeff Slater!(Click for larger)

Uriah Harris By Scott Teitler!

Chosen model Uriah Harris photographed by Scott Teitler!

Noah Doss By Scott Teitler!

Chosen Model Management model Noah Doss photographed by Scott Teitler!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Newcomer Mat Woodhouse At FTAPE!

Mat Woodhouse was discovered working at Abercrombie & Fitch in London. He is featured on FTAPE's Model Wall.

Aside from A&F
 Mat walked Calvin Klein in Milan:
He is signed with Elite Models:
and Soul Artist Management:
It's possible we'll see more of him.

Zach's Back!

Zachary Zatara returns in Zatanna #14, by Adam Beechen and drawn by Jamal Igle and Travis Moore. The issue starts with Zatanna being annoyed by her cousin's lack of professionalism and seriousness:
and continues with more of the same:
until Zach's interest is captured by a girl at a club:
who turns out to be a succubus, able to use Zach's powers against Zatanna:
Beechen manages to get Zatanna out of the predicament, freeing Zach in the process, but relies on Zee sharing her cousin's inability to affect living things, which in the past has not been the case. On top of that inconsistency, the strained relationship between the Zataras doesn't bear any resemblance to Zach's previous appearances in this title, where Paul Dini managed to make Zach sympathetic and he and Zee rather fond of each other. None of  that here, as Zach shows no gratitude after being saved:
In September Zatanna's scheduled to be a member of Justice League Dark, losing her solo title, and Zach's nowhere in sight. Issues like this, though, hardly make a case that that is a bad turn of events.

Ryan Bertroche For Frankie Morello Fall 2011!

Ryan Bertroche is sadly obscured in this new campaign shot for Frankie Morello. (Source:The Fashionisto)
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