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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Batgirl In Birds Of Prey #4!

DC Comics has been rolling out the covers of their line of 52 comics fourth issues sparingly (see JL and Action, posted previously), and today we get David Finch's 'Birds of Prey' cover, with Batgirl featured prominently! Writer Duane Swierczynski promises a startling twist occurring for the team in the issue. While Batgirl's red hair and her already established identity in the 'new' DCU would identify the cover heroine as Barbara Gordon, the costume itself is reminiscent of Stephanie Brown's version, which hasn't yet been verified as having taken place in the post-Flashpoint DC. It could be an error on Finch's part, a change in the Batgirl title itself, or something else entirely. Intriguing as well is that Barbara's time spent in a wheelchair will most likely be addressed, because it was during that time in the 'old' universe that she established both her own 'Oracle' identity and the team calling themselves 'Birds of Prey', and whether any or all of that history remains intact in the new reality is up in the air. BUT, considering the looks on the faces of the team members on the cover of issue #4, I KNOW what the twist is! A MALE is looking to join! The HORROR!

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