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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Superman Go Home!

In this preview of the cover for Superman #3, due out in November and drawn by Rags Morales, the theme of the new DCU being 'anti-alien' surfaces, as has been brought up by DC's creative staff as a way in which the 'new' DCU will be different than the current one, which has supposedly been more welcoming (DC's competitor, Marvel, has had success with making their universe both anti-mutant and anti-superhero., and, while it's true that there hasn't been blatant anti-alien sentiment expressed by the DCU populace, the theme of Earth folk turning on the Super Family is not a new one, as evidenced by the following covers of the past:


Dene said...

Those Stanhope students are mean -- AND really creative with their signs-!!!


Kenn said...

Protest Sign Making was a major at Stanhope!

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