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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Kevin Keller #1!

In Kevin Keller #1 by Dan Parent, the gay member of the Archie Comics line gets to tell a bit about himself in a framing story involving a 4th of July celebration in Riverdale. We meet two long-time friends of Kevin's who extoll his virtues, and also recall that he used to be far less good-looking, until:
When his friend Gigi reveals her crush on him, Kevin tries to let her down gently:
before revealing his own leanings:
Kevin's father, a military hero, is a guest of honor at the celebration, and Kevin lets the gang in on his own plan for the future:
causing Veronica some worry:
Of course, Jughead doesn't represent any specific minority group, so he has no aspirations, and hasn't for about 60 years.More on that later.
 Kevin then reveals how he came out to his understanding mother:
and equally welcoming father:
before the comic ends on, for Archie Comics, an allegedly political note:
It's a cute story, and one that's extremely kid-friendly, which is what Archie Comics are all about. The parents are welcoming, and Kevin's friends are understanding. The book was timed awkwardly, as it seems that it, like Batwoman at DC Comics, was written before DADT was repealed. making military service a non-issue. It does touch ever so slightly on the fact that Kevin might be attracted to boys (though never any characters from the Archie stable), although it does seem to be a more comfortable area for comic writers to maintain that being gay is more about a desire to be in the military than about being attracted to the same gender. If next issue reveals Kevin's secret desire to get married, I hope they'll at least introduce someone he might like to get married to.
  Kevin is a likeable addition to the Archie gang, but he's likely to wind up as no more than the gay guy, as there's really not much more to his character. As a representative of a minority group, he cannot be given any character flaws, and, as a member of the Archie universe, though his aspirations can be used as a statement on real life issues, he cannot age without aging the others around him, meaning that, like Jughead, 60 years from now, he'll still be in high school, possible talking about wanting to go into the military, except, by then , no reader will understand the context of why that's even a big deal. Such is the conundrum of 'relevancy' in a timeless medium.


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