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Monday, December 06, 2010

Two Batmen Are Better Than One!

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November sales for DC Comics took an upturn largely due to the return of Bruce Wayne, who had been 'dead' for the past year, to the present and the role of Batman! Bruce Wayne was lost in time, and a series had been devoted to his exploits as various historic 'Bats' in an effort to return to the 21st century and his home of Gotham City. At the same time, there was a reshuffling of the Bat Family members, with each one getting a visit/assessment from Bruce upon his return in a series of one-shots.
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The biggest dilemma, though, was what to do with Dick Grayson, the original Robin, who had taken on the role of Batman in Wayne's absence, and had assumed the responsibility of training Bruce's son, Damian, as the new Robin. Would he go back to his career as Nightwing?
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Marvel had already dealt with a too similar situation with the return of Steve Rogers from the dead (another time stream thing) and his replacement as Captain America having proven popular with readers. Marvel's solution was to keep Bucky Barnes as Cap, and to give Steve Rogers a new identity as Super-Soldier. DC is opting for keeping both Bruce and Dick as Batmen, with Dick and Damian continuing as Batman and Robin in Gotham City
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and Bruce taking a more international role in Batman Incorporated, sanctioning other countries heroes who have been inspired by his exploits. It's an odd choice, given that Bruce had been previously written as being territorial about Gotham City, and Dick having been more the sort who would travel the world. But then the bottom line is having two characters who look roughly the same in the suit improving the sales of multiple titles for the company, though I'll miss the way Dick looked as Nightwing. Hiding his looks in the Batsuit is a crime.
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