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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Interview With Joe LoCicero!

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Red model Joe LoCicero kindly agreed to answer some questions about his career!
Kenn: "How long have you been modeling and how did you get started?"

Joe: "I was first approached about modeling last August, when my now booker, John Babin, was sitting behind me in a movie theater. After discussing the possibilities with him, I signed with Red models. After finishing my 09-10 school year at the University of Florida, I moved back up to New York and began modeling full time in May of 2010."

Kenn: "What's been the best part of modeling so far?"

Joe: "The best part about modeling for me is the people its allowed me to meet and the places I've gotten to go. It has given me opportunities and the time to explore them that I never thought I would have."

Kenn: "The most unexpected?"

Joe: "The most unexpected part of modeling for me, is the fact that I am even doing it. I never imagined that modeling would ever be part of my future, or that I had the potential to achieve the success I've seen thus far."
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Kenn: "Could you tell how you got into martial arts, and where you are with it now?"

Joe: "My study of the martial arts started when my parents signed me up for karate at age 11. There, I was fortunate enough to be among some of the world's best kickboxers. I immediately fell in love with martial arts and combat sports. I have studied and trained with a multitude of different people in just about every style. I still have a lot of work to do in all aspects of martial arts; however, and am always trying to improve."

Kenn: "How do you stay in shape?"

Joe: "Whether it is running, lifting, sparring, bagwork, or a mix of all four, I am still training 5 days a week."

Kenn: "What are your goals?"

Joe: "My top two goals in life are to be world champion one day, and to teach others how to do the same."
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I'd like to thank Joe LoCicero and John W. Babin of Red Model Management for taking the time to do this. It's greatly appreciated.

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