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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Marvel Makes Room For Two Captain Americas!

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With Steve Rogers' return from the dead, James 'Bucky' Buchanon Barnes stint as Captain America would almost certainly come to an end, as Bucky only felt himself to be standing in for former mentor/partner. But Bucky/Cap had proven popular among many readers (including myself), so Marvel decided to have Steve Rogers take a different role as Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier, referencing the Super-Soldier Serum which had initially turned scrawny Steve into Captain America back in World War II. Steve gets his own title as well as a return to the Avengers, while Bucky continues in the Captain America book (as well as at least one Anengers title), and everyone is happy.
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And for those that wish to see Steve Rogers as Captain America, there's the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics and the upcoming feature film.

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