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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I cannot believe it's been so long since I updated! I assume that I've been really busy or reeally having a good time (or both!). I HAVE been busy upgrading my computer, thanks to my brother! Amazing what a second hard drive and some more RAM will do! It's like having an entirely new machine!
I've also become addicted to the Sims 1 game! Between what Maxis provides and what players have created, there's almost no limit to the possibilities for play, or for creativity within the game! The only problem is that the user-created items often need to be checked and double-checked, as the game crashes quite easily! Well worth the frustration, though, when a house/family/neighborhood comes together! I have households with a variety of family, some households where evryone woks at a game-supplied career, and some where homemade crafts or homegrown food provide the family income; winter homes, summer homes, etc. I haven't even got around to having my Sims visit the Magic or Studio towns yet!
Loved the Fantastic Four movie! Mindless, but it captured the fun of the comics! Have not seen any of the Oscar nominees for the first time ever, so I doubt I'll be too interested in the outcome of that race.
Speaking of races, I can't get into the winter Olympics! I think it might be because I grew up in Minnesota, and have had more than my share of snow...or just that wineter sports always struck me as rich people's sports, requiring expecnive equipment and/or venues. Summer sports are relatively cheap to participate in, and more fun to watch!
DC's remake of its universe seems interesting, but I'll reserve judgement until I see how things are reconfigured. The fact that I'm interested is a good sign, though! Over at Marvel, I like the return of one of my favorites, Spider-Woman, and the new Young Avengers book! Too bad the 'regular' Avengers book isn't as good. Captain America has been well done, as have the Ultimates, but the creative teams may be changing soon, so I'm not entirely onboard!
"Lost" is still cool! I like the most recent twists, and the returns of '24', 'American Idol', and 'The Shield' are excellent! Not too thrilled with 'Smallville' any longer....though I'll probably tune in for the final episodes. Also, looking forward to the return of 'The Closer' and 'The 4400'...and loving 'Medium'!
Still a huge Matt Drudge fan...and am enjoyiing the renewed interest that Art Bell is showing in his weekend show, though the fact that it came about through the tragic death of his wife makes it bittersweet.
There's a Sims house I want to test, so that's it for now!
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